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All our bodies—bodies of all pigment—are infected by the virus of white-body supremacy. Our online courses are a collection of embodied knowledge courses that empower you to develop embodied racial literacy so you can develop a life and community centered on abolishing white body supremacy.

Introduction Courses

Cultural Somatics Free 5 Session eCourse

This short free course is designed to begin to help people confront the idea of racialized trauma, the impact of it, and how it begins to move through generations. Get a glimpse of the process before going more in-depth with the other courses.

Somatic Elicitation Practice

Somatic Abolitionism is a living, embodied practice and culture building that requires endurance, adjustment, stamina, discernment, and resource cultivation. These traits can be built, day by day, through reps. This course will help you build these traits, to recognize the impact of racialized trauma, unhealed pain, and body constriction from White Body Supremacy, and to better identify and respond to these somatic elicitations.

CSI 101: Racialized Trauma

This course is designed to help people confront the idea of racialized trauma, the impact of it, and how it begins to move through generations. This course will also help you begin to pay attention to and listen to your body, and better orient and ground yourself.

Micro-Certificate Courses

CSI Micro Certificate - Five Course Bundle

Buy all five courses now and save! With this bundle purchase, you will receive: CSI 201, CSI 210, CSI 226, CSI 251, and CSI 272.



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CSI 201: Foundations of Communal and Individual Somatic Abolitionism (4 Credits)

Discover how to evaluate your body out of curiosity, rather than fear and have the capacity to relate to the connection of mind and body and reclaim it. Gain an understanding and knowledge of the effects of sociocultural factors and the historical content on the physical and mental health of the body.

CSI 210: Racialization and Communal Leadership in Relation to Somatic Abolitionism (2 Credits)

You will understand the value of settledness and self-awareness and cultural healing. Learn and teach the importance of: • Traumatic retentions – and grow out of them • Historical and intergenerational trauma • African history and culture • Children the basics of body awareness and somatic healing • Regard for one another • Mobilizing as a community

CSI 226: Land Theft and Racialization Trauma of BIBOC in Relation to Somatic Abolitionism (4 Credits)

As you acknowledge the impact of WBS and the theft of BIBOC land, culture, and language you will learn the value of compassionate self-care as well as safeguarding your body. Few skills are more essential than the ability to settle your body as a settled body invites and accepts efforts to mend it, while an unsettled body tends to resist those efforts.

CSI 251: Ethics of Somatic Abolitionism (2 Credits)

The following ethical standards are relevant to the professional activities of Somatic Abolitionists and Social Workers. You will learn the IV Standards of Practice that establish guidelines for the conduct of Somatic Abolitionists. These standards concern: (1) Education and Training, (2) Practitioner Responsibilities, (3) Self-Representation as a Professional, and (4) Ethical Responsibilities.

CSI 272: Somatic Abolitionism Communal Consult With Resmaa and Coaches (4 Credits)

This is an online foundations 8-hour session with Resmaa & Certified Coaches. If you are in a white body, you will also need to attend the 5-hour Trends of Toxic Whiteness. You will need to engage in a 3-month hour long consult with Resmaa & Certified Coaches. You must register for the course here at Cultural Somatics Institute and then sign up for a Foundations course which will be held once per quarter. Contact events@educationforracialequity.com for the schedule and to reserve your space. Please let them know that you are a CSI student.