Somatic Abolitionism is an embodied way of living, learning and being

that builds resilience and discernment, upends white-body supremacy, and trains our bodies, individually and collectively, to rediscover their natural alignment.

Begin here first with our self-paced classes that will help you cultivate living embodied Anti-racist culture and practices.

How do some people grow up without the joy of watching children play and laugh with abandon?

How do people grow up to see themselves and others who look like them as fraudulent and less-than?

How do people grow up to see others as less-human than themselves?

We felt compelled to answer these and other questions.

Our Mission

The stated mission of Cultural Somatics Institute is to provide individuals, communities, and organizations with embodied racial literacy classes that can be used to critically examine concepts of race and white-body supremacy and their underlying structural philosophy.

Our Books
Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies.

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER " My Grandmother's Hands will change the direction of the movement for racial justice."— Robin DiAngelo
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Core Assessment
We've had to deal with so much trauma on our journey that it's difficult to truly unpack exactly where to start and what to focus on.
With those challenges in mind we've developed a world class assessment to better guide your journey
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The current version of WYSER, which is in beta-test form, is an excellent companion to my book My Grandmother's Hands.

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